1. Natural and without chemical additives, without side effects. Suitable for fingers and toe healthy nails.

2. Biological nail repair pencil can make the fragile nails to become strong.Accelerate the healthy growth of nails.

3. Restores the healthy appearance of nails discolored or damaged by nail fungus or psoriasis.

4. Safe and effective clear formula, dries quickly without unpleasant odors. which is not dry, more moisture, shinier.

5. Penetrates the nail and helps remove the damaged layers to restore healthy nail appearance.

Item Type: Toenail Fungus Treatment
Ingredients: Deacetylated Chitin, Phthalide, Angelica dahurica, etc.

Size: 3ml


How to Use:

1. Take this product, unscrew the cover side of the brush, and then rotate the other side the pen,
    squeeze out a proper amount of liquid and apply it to the tissue infected with fungus.

2. Apply 3 times a day and 3 times each time (After each smear and wait for full
    absorption of the liquid, then smear the next time).

3. Insist on the smear until the infection tissue is completely stripped ( continue to use
    antimicrobial products that protect the growth of new nails after the infected tissue is
     completely peeled off ).

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