The home skin beauty machine uses radio frequency to accelerate the regrowth of collagen, keep the skin firm and elastic, while smoothing rough skin, reducing pores and eliminating facial wrinkles.



★EMS micro-current:

Use micro-current to stimulate the muscles, produce fixed-point electromyography to the fundus, increase local blood circulation, stimulate deep muscle contraction movement, tighten facial contour and relieve edema.

★ Positive and negative ions:

Using the principle of positive and negative charge ionic heterosexual attraction, the deep pore dirt is exported by bio-current, thoroughly cleansing and infiltrating the muscle base through iontophoresis.

★Pulse vibration: 

Using mechanical vibration and micro-current stimulation to open the skin channel, increase its elasticity and enhance the metabolism of skin cells.

★ Warm:

The warm massage promotes absorption, stretching the skin texture and making the skin more full.

★Red light:

  640nm-650nm red light penetrates into the dermis layer, promotes the proliferation of collagen and elastic proteins, reduces wrinkles, and restores youthful vitality.

★ Blue-ray:

Improves acne, with a wavelength of 415nm with fast inhibition of inflammation. Suitable for acute, oily and acne-prone skin, it can reduce the bacillus to achieve the purpose of removing acne and fragrant acne, promote protein and collagen synthesis, activate skin, tighten loose skin and tender tread.


Product specifications:

Project type: skin care beauty instrument

Material: ABS + metal

Voltage: DC 5V

Power: 4W

Battery capacity: 3.7V 500mAh

Charging time: 3h

Standby: 60 days

Color: White

Product size: about 168x51x42mm/6.6x2x1.7inch

Product weight: about 115g

Vibration intensity: 3 gear adjustable

Four kinds mode: Cleansing and waking skin, Phototherapy skin rejuvenation, Warming and lifting skin, EMS firming skin

Function: deep absorption, firming V face, eye care, skin rejuvenation, removing acne, whitening skin, enhancing skin elasticity


Package Included:

1 x Host

1 x USB cable

1 x Retaining ring

1 x Instruction manual



1. Recommended for use with skin care gels or serums.

2. It is recommended to use the eye care mode around the eyes to care for the skin.

3. Do not wash your face with hot water for three days after your care.

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