Name:Skin cleaner multifunctional cleaning instrument

Material:ABS plastic

Color:White & Yellow


Working voltage:3V

weak stall speed:340+20

Hot current:380mA+20

Weak current:300mA+20

The load current is not less than 650mA

Maximum power:1.8W

Heads type:4 Heads


Battery:1.5*2AA(Not included)



-The whole product is waterproof design,the use of ultrasonic welding seam welding

technology,effectively enhance the product's beautiful and waterproof effect.

The uniqueness of the base of the accessories,which is convenient for placing,and

the parts are not easy to be lost.With charging function,most of the mobile phone

charger are universal,easy to use,USB interface,computers,mobile power can be charged.

-The products referred to as the cleaning instrument(skin cleaner),use 2*AA batteries

control the speed of the motor,the motor drives the gear,the four gear,drive the brush

work,Brush speed fast and slow and stop by the switch.the product is a single switch design,

which can be recycled.Comfortable feel design.

-4in 1 head ,easy to use


Package included:

1 x Skin cleaner instrument

1 x Manual

4 In 1 Electric Facial Cleaner Face Skin Care Brush Massager Cleaning Instrument

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